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    Klickitat County’s residents are community-oriented, which is why the area is home to a multitude of community resources, service clubs, and non-profit entities offering volunteer opportunities, and numerous options for community involvement.

    The non-profit organizations in the county focus on a variety of missions, including helping those in need, protecting our environment, philanthropic fund-raising, and serving the community’s diverse population. There is a high need for Court Appointed Special Advocates for foster kids. Animal rescue groups are always seeking volunteers and foster families. The local Food Banks welcome volunteers to help with assorted tasks. From youth to elders - there is an opportunity for you to make a difference here locally. 

  • Worship Your Way

    The communities within the Columbia River Gorge are resplendent with many worship and spiritual centers, with many denominations represented in dozens of churches.

    Whatever your faith, Klickitat County’s many religious organizations are all welcoming visitors and new members.  

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