• About Klickitat County

  • An Amazing Biosphere

    Welcome to the north shore of the Columbia River Gorge! Our communities overlook the Columbia River Gorge with spectacular views of beautiful Mt. Hood and majestic Mt. Adams. Thanks to Sam Hill, the famous road builder and founder of Maryhill Museum, the incredible and diverse climate of Klickitat County is often described aptly as "The Land Where the Sun Meets the Rain,” due to its location in a transition zone between western and eastern Gorge. 

    Great for Weather Watchers

    The marine-influenced climate west of the Cascades and the dry continental climate of the intermountain region collide at the White Salmon River junction with the Columbia River, leading to times of sunshine between storms, or wild storms and rainbows. Spectacular rivers and summer winds that funnel through the Gorge make this area a wind and water sport mecca of international renown. 

    Healthy Choices

    The surrounding evergreen forests and oak woodlands are perfect settings for all manner of wildlife and year-round recreational opportunities including hiking, biking, skiing, bird watching, fishing, hunting — just about anything active people enjoy. The abundance of farm fresh foods, and access for foragers and hunters, provides our culinary artists delightful inspiration for your meals. Wash it down with a local kombucha, a cold craft beer, locally produced wines, or other beverage of choice. 

    Evolving Industries

    The bountiful forest lands, farms, and orchards are the backbone of industries that the area was founded upon, while new technology and fermentation industries are rapidly expanding and opening up new employment and investment opportunities. The area has developed into an unmanned aerial vehicle nexus, and its proximity to the Columbia River transportation corridor offers unique opportunities for traditional and progressive industrial development. There is also access to nearby barge, train, air transport and interstate highways – all leading to Pacific Rim ports and other major transportation arteries.

  • Klickitat County Map

  • Klickitat County encompasses the cities of Goldendale, White Salmon, and Bingen and unincorporated cities of Bickleton, Centerville, Dallesport, Firwood, Glenwood, Klickitat, Lyle, Maryhill, Roosevelt, Trout Lake, and Wishram.

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