• Relocation

  • A Welcoming Climate

    Klickitat County is a good place to do business and a wonderful place to live. The rural quality of life offering numerous outdoor recreational opportunities in a healthy, family-oriented environment is a strong draw for many. Klickitat County offers strong schools throughout the county, a reasonable tax structure with no personal state income tax.

    We are near to the Portland metro area, yet surrounded by year-round scenic vistas. People living here enjoy their rural pace of life, the close connection to nature and the overall community sense of place. 

  •  Three Distinct Regions

    While the economic history of the county includes sheep and cattle farming, wheat, orchards, timber and aluminum, Klickitat County now has three distinct economic regions. The western third of the county relies on advanced manufacturing and technology-based industries, orchards and fruit packing and wood products. The eastern third is dominated by vegetable farming and an increasing number of world-class wineries, as well as the Roosevelt regional landfill. The central third boasts the county seat of Goldendale, wind farms, the Maryhill Museum, windsurfing and kite boarding beaches, as well as the now shuttered aluminum smelter.  

    Klickitat County is located within Legislative District 14 of Washington State.


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