• Wind & Water

  • Big Science

    Like the Grand Canyon, the Columbia River Gorge is a testament to the power of flowing water. For more than 40 million years, the Columbia River has carved a deep gash into the volcanic rock of the Cascade Mountains. At some points, the canyon walls now tower 4,000 feet above the river, creating a natural wind tunnel that can generate consistent 30-knot winds. Due to the presence and intensity of these winds, the Gorge is arguably the boardsailing capital of the world. 

  • Experience & Make Memories

    River rafting is the #1 recreational activity in Klickitat County. From jet skiing, kayaking and outrigger canoes to foil boarding, kite boards and stand-up paddling, our wind and water combinations offer a variety of options for you to try. Rentals and lessons are available from several sources. The Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association has demo equipment available for kids – free or very reasonable. Rafting and Kayaking can be arranged with Zoller's Outdoor Odysseys, Wet Planet Whitewater or River Drifters. 

  • Get Your Fish On

    Rivers, lakes, and streams mean fishing! Several varieties of trout, steelhead, bass, salmon and sturgeon are the draw here. Go with a guide or venture on your own. Find tackle, provisions and licenses at many local shops. 

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  • A Shared Resource

    The Columbia River is shared by many different groups, windsurfers, kayakers, fishermen, families, boaters, and barges, among others. While most people see the river as a source of recreation, local tribes see it as a means of survival, and regional barge companies see it as a means for business travel.

    Be aware of and courteous to other users, and always practice good safety habits with children and pets. Leave it better than you found it.

    Please be respectful of the Native American In-Lieu Sites along the Columbia River which are designated by the Federal Government for access only by tribal members.


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